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Unique Ways to Handle Ashes

After the death of a loved one and the cremation of his or her remains, it can be important to know what to do with the ashes. There are common options that can be simple to arrange, but there are also more unique options that can truly ensure you and your family get the closure you need. Why not try a unique and beautiful way of scattering ashes? We have some suggestions if you are not sure where to start.

Transform into a Tree

A beautiful way to celebrate a loved one’s life and to bring a sense of closure to the entire family is to use a memorial tree urn to hold the ashes. These urns are biodegradable and hold the seeds to bloom into a tree. The ashes help the seeds grow, allowing something stunning to grow out of a death. It can be an inspiring option for people who want to bring some beauty into the world. It is also soothing to watch the tree grow and know that your loved one is part of it. To learn more about these kinds of urns, reach out to Toledo, OH cremation services.


A loved one’s ashes can be made into diamonds that you can wear and keep them close. To create these diamonds out of the ashes, a lot of heat and pressure are applied to the ashes, transforming their make-up. These diamonds can be made into necklaces, rings, and other pieces of jewelry, allowing you to always have your loved one nearby. It can be a truly unique way to handle ashes after a cremation.

Become Coral

If your loved one always loved the ocean, then becoming part of a memorial coral reef can be an excellent way to celebrate their life. There are many companies that provide this service and that can guarantee a quality coral that will last for a long time. Usually, the ashes are mixed in with cement or concrete to create the reef structures. The great thing about this option is that you can build a few of them, keeping a family together in the ocean they so loved.

Send them to the Stars

Another option that can be wonderful for handling ashes is to send them to space. This is a more expensive option, of course, but for someone who loved the universe and outer space, it can be a stunning way of memorializing their life. There are a few companies that can provide this service and they are dedicated to these experiences.

All of these options can be spectacular ways of celebrating a loved one’s life. From simple options like memorial tree urns to more complex ones like sending the ashes into space, there are many unique things you can do with ashes. If you do not want to do a classic scattering, then consider these great options and many more. Contact Habegger Funeral Services at 2001 Consaul St, Toledo, OH 43605 by calling (419) 214-2622!


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