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cremation services in Northwood, OH

Dos and Do Nots of Writing a Eulogy

Writing a eulogy for a loved one can be a moment of closure and can offer the kind of healing that you need to get through the worst of the grief. It also allows you the chance of showing people how much your loved one meant to you. If you are getting ready to start […]

funeral homes in Northwood, OH

Etiquette for Viewings

Viewings are not like funeral or memorial services. They are structured differently and this can make people nervous if they are thinking of attending one. If you have been invited to the viewing of a loved one and you are worried about not knowing what is expected of you, there are some things that you […]

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Dealing with Sudden Death

It is not the same to lose a loved one to an unexpected death as it is to an expected one. People who know that the death is coming will be ready to accept it and will have time to process it so that it does not cause as much of a havoc in their […]

funeral homes in Toledo, OH

Reasons to Attend a Funeral Service

Some people think that they can save themselves the added stress of attending the service of a loved one. If you are going through a difficult grieving period, your instinct may be to not attend, but this decision can actually be harmful. There are many reasons why you need to consider going to the service […]

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Active Ways of Getting Through Grief

It is never easy to go through the process of mourning someone you love. It can leave you frozen, unsure of what you should do to help yourself. If this is something that you are worried about and that you are not certain how to handle, there are some proactive ways that you can help […]

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