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What to Consider When Choosing a Funeral Home and Cremation Service

After losing a loved one, there’s a good chance that you’ll suddenly find your plate very full searching for a Northwood funeral home and deciding on cremation services. These are difficult choices to make, especially while dealing with such strong emotions. Unfortunately, when the wrong funeral home and cremation service is chosen, it does run the risk of hurting the grieving process for loved ones who attend. At Habegger Funeral Services, we want you to be entirely satisfied with the way your loved one is honored and remembered, so we put together a short list of things to consider when choosing a funeral home and cremation service.

Consider the Family’s Way of Coping With Death

Sometimes there aren’t many decisions to make, especially when the family of the departed already upholds certain traditions, like having the deceased buried in a family plot or having their cremated remains spread in a specific location. In these cases, you’ll want to consider family traditions and be sure to inform the funeral home so you can ensure that the tradition can be accommodated.

Consider the Cultural or Religious Beliefs of the Departed

If you find there are no family traditions in place, then a smart move would be to consider whether or not the departed held any specific cultural or religious beliefs. Not all funeral homes and cremation services will be able to honor the traditions of these religions or cultures as they may already belong to their own religion or culture, so it’s important to bring these matters up early to know that the traditions and practices can be honored.

Consider the Personality of the Departed

In many cases, the departed may not belong to a cultural or religious belief, in which case it’s best to simply consider their personality. If you have a hard time in this area, you may want to visit the funeral home and share with a funeral director some aspects about their personality and they may be able to help you come up with a burial or cremation service that suits their personality.

When in Doubt be Practical

If you knew the departed was not the type to get to caught up in how they would be buried or cremated, then put the family’s needs first. Consider how long it would take family members to make it into town for a service, whether or not any of them need handicap assistance, transportation etc. These answers will help you narrow down what to do with the funeral home and cremation service.

At Habegger Funeral Services, we understand that the planning process is a lot to take on, which is why we intently listen to your needs to help you as much as we can. We know that the grieving process is intense and we want to help handle as much as we can for you so as not add more work and stress. To start speaking with a funeral director about a service, give us a call at (419) 214-2622 or stop by the funeral home located at 2001 Consaul St. Toledo, OH 43605.

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