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Creative Options for Cremation Services

Your loved one led a one-of-a-kind life so it’s only natural you would want to provide them with a unique cremation service in Oregon, OH. These days, there are endless ideas to help you honor the memory of your loved one and knowing that you took the time to think of a personal and creative cremation service can help the grieving process for family and friends. Still, if the departed did not leave specific directions on what to do with their remains, you may find it challenging to come up with an idea to honor such a large and beautiful life. To get you started, we’ve put together some unique and creative ideas to use as inspiration.

Scattering the Ashes

While it’s not the most original way of saying goodbye, many have taken scattering the ashes to the next level with ideas like combining spouse’s ashes and scattering them together. Another way to have family members involved is to separate the ashes among siblings or children (or even grandchildren) and have each family member spread the ashes in a different location that’s meaningful to the departed. This can take place on a local or international scale.

Make Your Loved One a Work of Art

There are a number of creative handcrafted urns to hold the remains of a loved one in a way that still reflects their personality if you choose to keep them at home. Some family members have even chosen to hire an artist to mix the remains with special paint and create a new piece of art. This is ideal if the loved one was a major art collector or an artist themselves.

A Beautiful Piece of Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewelry is becoming a more common request for loved ones and family members who want to keep the remains of the departed near them on a regular basis instead of tucked away at home. Depending on your budget, cremated ashes can be turned into anything from a simple piece of jewelry to an actual diamond.

Have the Remains Made into a Tree or Flower

There are a number of environmentally friendly options currently available for people who truly want the memory of their loved one to “live on”. You can now choose to have the remains combined with a tree or flower seed, some of which are even grown in a specialty pod that allows you to know when it needs extra water. Your loved one’s remains can stay with you in an inspiring and breathtaking way.

Whatever you choose to do with the remains of your loved one, it’s important to have a funeral home that can handle the cremation service with as little stress and hassle as possible. At Habegger Funeral Services, it’s important to us to help you honor the life of the departed in the way you envision. To start planning cremation services today, give us a call at (419) 214-2622 or, stop by and speak with us in person at 2001 Consaul St. Toledo, OH 43605.

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