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Bowling Green, OH cremation service

What Cremation Services Are Right for Your Family?

As you make the decision to have a loved one cremated, you may not be certain what options are the best ones for your needs. Depending on budget, preferences, and even the time you have available, one option may be better than another. It can make a difference to learn about the options you have and see what they can offer. These are some of the options you can expect from a provider of cremation services in Bowling Green, OH.

The fastest and most affordable cremation option is direct cremation. This is what most people think when they talk about cremation. It is a quick process that does not include more than the actual cremation. It takes two to three hours and it is much more affordable than other options because of this. A provider of direct cremations will offer the remains in a box which you can transfer to an urn if you prefer or keep them it in box itself. If you are looking for the fastest option and the one that costs the least, direct cremation is a good choice.

A full cremation includes the actual cremation as well as other added services. You can choose from these. If you want to offer your loved one a memorial service, that is something that you can do with a full cremation. It is a bit more expensive than a direct one, but it can be the right option for your loved one. Ask the provider you are considering for information on the services they provide.

A less common option but one that more people are turning to these days is bio cremation. This kind of cremation uses alkaline water instead of heat to break down the body, and this means that no carbon is released into the air. For people who are concerned about the environment, you definitely want to keep this option in mind. It is important to note that not all providers offer this option, so you do want to ask before making a decision. It can be a more expensive option, but for those who are concerned about the environment, it can be the best choice.

Choosing the right cremation service is not something that you should do in a hurry. You want to take some time to consider the services that you have available and see which ones can make the most difference to your family. Whether you are looking for the most affordable option or the one that is best for the environment, there are different choices to consider. You can get started making a decision about cremation by reaching out to a Bowling Green, OH cremation service provider like us at Habegger Funeral Services. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the best option for you and your family, so do not hesitate to contact us. You can find us at 2001 Consaul St Toledo, OH 43605 or by calling us at (419) 214-2622.