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Things You Can Do at a Memorial Following a Cremation

Things You Can Do at a Memorial Following a Cremation

Holding a memorial after a cremation service can be the perfect way to say goodbye to the deceased and to facilitate the grieving process for the living. The great news is that you can hold one whenever you want and wherever you want.

If you’re interested in making the event as unique as you can, consider these tips for honoring your deceased loved one in a way that’s personal and unique.

Play Their Favorite Tunes

Was the deceased a music lover? Play some of the music that they loved to listen to. You can go through their catalogue of music and then pick out tunes that are most representative of their musical tastes. You can play songs, have a group singing session where you provide the lyrics to the attendees and play the soundtrack so that everyone can sing along, or even hire a live band to cover some of the songs that your deceased loved one enjoyed.

It’s proven scientifically that music can do the body good. Music can cause the brain to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is connected to feelings of pleasure. You can, therefore, see how incorporating music into the memorial service can benefit everyone in attendance.

Create Video Tribute

Another good idea is to create a special memorial video. In this day and age of technology, you can bet that your deceased loved one — not to mention you and other members of your family — have pics, videos, and audio files on phones, tablets, and computers. Assemble things you have that pertain to the deceased and create a memorial video that can be shown at the memorial. You round things out by conducting short interviews with family members and friends to get their feedback on what made the deceased special. You’ll be able to find free software that can be used to create a memorial video. Rest assured that the video will make a great keepsake too.

Encourage Attendees to Donate to Charitable Cause

Was there a special cause that was of particular interest to the deceased? If so, why not consider encouraging people at the memorial to contribute, if they can, to a specific charity? Whether it is the local kennel or the local food bank, you can make a difference by encouraging people to get involved with a great cause in memory of the deceased.

While a memorial is by no means mandatory after a cremation, that doesn’t mean that it can’t add some value down the road for your family and friends. When you’re ready to plan for a loved ones cremation in Toledo, OH, get in touch with us at Habegger Funeral Services for the help you need. You can reach us by phone at (419) 214-2622 or talk to us in person at 2001 Consaul St, Toledo, OH 43605. Get in touch, whether by phone or in person, when you need our assistance or even just to ask some questions about the process. We’ll be pleased to help.

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