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Funeral Services Options to Consider

Funeral Services Options to Consider

There are lots of funeral services choices you can make after a loved one dies. There are even newer trends in the industry that more people are choosing and which can be the right choices for many families. If you are not sure about the funeral service options you want to turn to, directors of funeral homes in Toledo, OH have some of the best options and trends in the industry to consider.

Green funerary services are growing in popularity. As more people become concerned with the environment and their impact on it, they want to choose funerary services that do not place stress on the planet. If your loved one wanted to be cremated, consider bio cremation. This type of cremation uses water instead of heat, so that no carbon is released into the air. You might also want to consider skipping embalming if you want to bury your loved one. Embalming fluids can be harsh on the environment, so it can be a good option to avoid them.

Another option that more people are turning to is celebrations of life. These events work to honor the person’s life in a positive way, without focusing on the aspect of their death. For people who loved parties and who were always upbeat, it can feel wrong to give them a very somber funeral or memorial service. This can be a great substitute. Lots of people are turning to this option recently, so do consider it.

Unique services are another thing that has become more common. Not every service has to be the same. These days, people are choosing to provide their loved ones with funerals and memorials that are not necessarily religious or include classical music. Your loved one was an individual, so why offer them a service that is the same as everyone else’s?

You also do not have to have the service at a funeral home or a church if you do not want to. These days, there are many people who opt to have the service at home or somewhere the deceased loved, like a park or the beach. Take the time to consider this if you would like to offer a loved one something a bit different.

You do not have to offer your loved one an identical funeral or memorial service to everyone else’s. There are lots of options to consider and lots of information out there that can help you put together a service that is exactly what your loved one would have wanted. Take the time to learn about your options and to ask experts about what they recommend. You can choose from green service options to things like celebrations of life to ensure that your loved one is getting the services they would have wanted. Get started by reaching out to a Toledo, OH funeral home like us at Habegger Funeral Services. Stop by our location at 2001 Consaul St Toledo, OH 43605 or give us a call now at (419) 214-2622.

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