If you are feeling overwhelmed about planning a funeral, then it is essential that you choose the right funeral home for the support that you need. Sometimes, families don’t understand the industry, and they end up spending too much money for the funeral. It can be hard to sort through your options when you are grieving this loss. So, we encourage you to contact us for more information about funerals and cremations in Northwood, OH.

Here at Habegger Funeral Services, we offer the support that you need during this difficult experience. Instead of taking advantage of the situation by charging high prices, we offer financial protection with steep discounts for the funeral. You will see that our pricing structure is 1/3 of the cost compared to our competitors. But, we never sacrifice the quality of service that is offered to our customers.

Here is an overview to help you plan the funeral services that will match the needs of your family:

Custom Solutions to Minimize the Cost

One reason that our services stand out in the industry is that we make it easy to customize your funeral plans. You can choose the plan that will match your preferences and budget. As you hand-pick the services, consider the benefits of adding religious or veteran services as needed.

We know that the traditional plan of a viewing, funeral, and graveside memorial isn’t the right solution for every family. So, we offer many options to accommodate your preferences and the desires of the deceased. These individualized services offer the best way for your family to say goodbye in a manner that matches your traditions.

These are some of the services that you might consider:

  • Viewing, Wake, or Visitation: A viewing is usually held before the funeral. It is common to plan an open-casket viewing so that family members can see the person one last time. But, a closed-casket visitation is another option to give the family a place to gather with the casket to say goodbye.
  • Funeral: The main gathering is usually a funeral, planned to match your program requirements. We can hold the memorial in our funeral home, or assist with arrangements in a church or any other location of your preference. This program usually includes memories, talks, religious traditions, and music if desired.
  • Graveside Services: When the casket or ashes are transferred to the burial site, it is common for the family to meet for a short graveside service. We will setup the area to ensure comfort during this experience.
  • Direct Burial: Are you respecting the wishes of the deceased because they didn’t want a big funeral? A direct burial is available for people who want to keep it simple and stress-free. This option eliminates the public service, helping to reduce the cost and responsibility of planning a funeral.
  • Cremation: If a traditional burial doesn’t match the requirements of your family, then you might consider a cremation instead. A cremation can be planned with a viewing and funeral. Or, you can choose a direct cremation if desired.
  • Urn Options: Have you decided that cremation is the right solution? Then, you will need to consider the urns that are offered. Some people choose one urn that is laid to rest in cemetery, home, or memorial garden. Or, you might consider multiple urns that are distributed among family members.

As you can see, there are many ways that the funeral services can be customized. Take some time to browse our website to see an overview of the pricing for these services. Also, feel free to contact our staff at Habegger Funeral Services if you have questions or need help with an upcoming funeral.

Should You Pre-Plan the Funeral?

When is it appropriate to start with funeral arrangements? These services can be planned at any time, helping to decrease the stress after a person has passed away. If you know that a funeral will be coming, then consider the option to start planning right now.

Pre-planning allows you to choose the details of your funeral. Instead of leaving this burden to your family, you can talk to our staff to put together a written plan. We will keep these details on file, and promise to implement your plan when it is time for the funeral.

One benefit of pre-planning is that you can lock in the prices and pay for the services right now. Don’t leave your family with the financial debt after you are gone! Paying for your funeral means that you don’t have to worry about higher prices in the future.

For more information about funerals and cremations in Northwood, OH, Habegger Funeral Services is here to help. Visit our funeral home to see the facilities that are available: 2001 Consaul St, Toledo, OH 43605. Or, call if you need more information about the services that we offer: (419) 214-2622