Are you feeling overwhelmed by the cost of funeral services in Grand Rapids, OH? It is common for families to spend $10,000 or more when planning a funeral. These costs can quickly add up, and many people don’t see any other options in the industry. Here at Habegger Funeral Services, we are working to transform the industry by offering discount prices for the same funeral and cremations that are available from our competitors.

Our personalized process allows you to choose the options that best meet the needs of your family. There is no reason for you to stick with the traditional pattern of a viewing, funeral, and graveside service if it isn’t in alignment with your family traditions. We encourage you to learn more about the services that are available so that you can customize the plan in the way that will fit your preferences.

You will see that our funeral home provides unbeatable service at a price that is a third of the cost compared to other options in the industry. We are here to offer the listening ear and support that you need during this challenging experience.

Financial Costs for Funerals or Cremations

When you are planning a funeral, it can be a stressful experience to know the right services and plan to match the needs of your family. Not only do you need to consider the desires of the deceased, but you also need to design an opportunity for family members to say goodbye. People are often moved by emotion during this time, and they spend too much money to ensure the quality of the funeral services.

But, you don’t have a spend a lot of money to have a dignified funeral. At Habegger Funeral Services, we are transforming the industry by offering these services at a price that you can afford. We don’t want to add to your stress with the burden of an expensive funeral. So, we will provide top-notch options at competitive prices.

We encourage you to hand-pick the plan and services that will create the perfect gathering for your family. Some people prefer to stick with the traditional viewing, funeral, and graveside services. But, there are many other options for families with different preferences. We are clear about the pricing so that you can choose the services that match your budget and family traditions.

Overview of Funeral Home Services

You can browse through the information here on our website to learn more about the services that are provided. If you have custom requests for religious traditions or Veterans services, contact us so that we can incorporate these details into your plan. Here is a quick overview of the options that you might consider:

  • Visitation, Viewing, or Wake: It is common for a family to meet in a private room to see the body before the funeral. This viewing is held before the casket is closed for the final time. Or, you can have a closed-casket visitation if that suits the preferences of your family. The viewing can be held in any location of your preference.
  • Funeral or Memorial Service: The funeral is the main gathering, usually held in our funeral home, a church, a home, or any other venue. Friends and family can meet to share memories, music, and traditions. We can assist by setting up the funeral, ushering the event, and providing the behind-the-scenes support that you need on this day.
  • Graveside Service: A short graveside service is common before the casket or urn is placed in the ground. This service might include a religious prayer or Veterans salute if applicable.
  • Cremation: Some families choose cremation to save money and have flexibility with the final resting place. The ashes can be buried in a family plot, or you can keep them in your home or a memorial garden. Another option is to scatter the remains in any location of your choice.
  • Direct Burial or Cremation: It is common for a viewing and funeral to be planned in conjunction with a burial or cremation. But, you don’t have to plan these services. Instead, a direct burial or direct cremation can be a solution to simplify the process, save money, and respect the wishes of the deceased if that is what they requested.

As you can see, we offer many options that can be customized to match the needs of your family. View the offerings here on our website, and you will see that we are clear about pricing and the quality of services that we offer.

If you need to plan a funeral or cremation in Grand Rapids, OH, we encourage you to contact the leading funeral home: Habegger Funeral Services. We offer a convenient location: 2001 Consaul St, Toledo, OH 43605. Or, you can call to schedule a consultation: (419) 214-2622