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It is common for a lot of questions to come up when planning a funeral. How should you choose the services that will be the best commemoration for someone that you love? When you are preparing for this event, make sure to choose a trusted funeral home that offers all the services that are needed. Here at Habegger Funeral Services, we are here to help with funerals and cremations in Bowling Green, OH, and the surrounding areas.

Our staff offers the caring, personalized services that you deserve. We know that it is a difficult experience to plan a funeral. So, our goal is to minimize your stress and maximize your experience. This funeral plan is customized to the needs of your family, giving you a memorable experience so that you can say goodbye to the person you have lost.

The Cost of a Funeral or Cremation

Expenses can add up, and many families bear the burden of $10,000 or more in funeral costs. Here at Habegger Funeral Services, we have a unique system that makes it possible for us to offer the same services at 1/3 of the cost. You can plan a traditional funeral and reduce the financial stress at the same time. These affordable funeral services give you the flexibility to plan a day that will best match the wishes of the deceased.

One of the benefits of choosing our funeral home is that we offer custom solutions for every family. We know that a one-size-fits-all plan doesn’t match your needs. So, we will work together to identify the type of funeral that will align with your preferences. These custom services allow you to manage your expenses and create the right opportunity for family and friends to pay their respects.

If you are interested in learning more about these discount funeral home or cremation services, then we invite you to call. Our staff is here to answer your questions and offer a listening ear during this difficult time. We also offer pre-planning services if you want to plan and pay for a funeral for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Funerals and Cremations

Questions are normal during this time. Many people haven’t carried the responsibility of planning a funeral. So, they are trying to understand the options to design a day that will meet the needs of the family. Here are answers to some of the common questions that we hear:

  • How Soon Should I Start Planning the Funeral? There is no reason to wait until the funeral day is scheduled before you start planning. Pre-planning will simplify the process after the person is gone. Instead of carrying the full weight of responsibility for a few days, talk to our team to start the arrangements in advance.
  • What is the Cost of a Funeral? Your cost depends on the services that are chosen for the funeral. We are open and clear about the prices, eliminating questions or unexpected expenses. We work hard to offer affordable prices so that you don’t have to carry the stress of paying for an expensive funeral. Browse the prices here on our website, and you will see that our rates are a third of the cost compared to other funeral homes in the area.
  • Where Will the Body Be Laid to Rest? Your family can decide the best place for the final resting place. We can help with arrangements for the body to be placed in a family burial plot. Or, you can choose a location outside of a cemetery if you decide that cremation is the right service for your needs.
  • Do You Provide Caskets and Urns? Yes, we have a variety of products that are available. You are welcome to bring a casket or urn if you purchased it somewhere else. Or, we can help you source a design that matches your preferences.
  • Is it Necessary to Have the Body Embalmed? If you have a direct burial or cremation, then embalmment isn’t necessary. If you are planning a viewing and funeral before the burial or cremation, then embalming will be required.
  • Why are Your Prices So Low? We have worked hard to develop an effective system designed to help our customers save money. The low prices don’t mean low-quality service though. We are dedicated to excellence while saving you money at the same time.

Call us if you live in Bowling Green, OH and you have additional questions about the services that are available. We are working hard to provide top-notch funeral home services and cremations at discount prices. Our staff at Habegger Funeral Services is always here to provide the support that you need during this time. For more information, visit our funeral home at 2001 Consaul St, Toledo, OH 43605. Or, call with your questions: (419) 214-2622