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Different Reasons People Turn to Cremation Options After a Death

Different Reasons People Turn to Cremation Options After a Death

After a loved one dies, one of the first decisions you and your family will have to make is what to do with the remains. There are different options, with the most common being traditional burial and cremation. Many Toledo, OH cremation services have realized that there are a number of different reasons why people are choosing cremation more often these days. We will take a look at some of the benefits that cremation can offer

On average, cremation is less expensive than a traditional burial. Choosing a burial can mean paying not only for a casket, but also for embalming, other services for care of the body, a cemetery plot, all of the services at the cemetery, and much more. This can really add up and can be impossible for people who are working with a small budget. Cremation makes this easier. Direct cremation is the least expensive option, with bio-cremation coming in second. Keep this in mind when deciding on what to turn to after the death of a loved one.

Cremation is also better for the environment than a burial. Unless you select a casket that is bio-degradable, parts of it will remain in the earth for a long time, if not forever. Cremation is different. Even if you want to have the ashes in an urn, these urns are much more environmentally-friendly than a casket. Bio-cremation is even better, since it does not release any carbon into the air because the process is done with water and not fire. For people who are concerned about the impact of their death or their loved one’s death on the earth, then cremation is the right option.

Cremation also offers more flexibility of options. You have more choices when it comes to handling the remains, including keeping the ashes in an urn, opting for a keepsake urn or piece of jewelry, buying a spot in a columbarium, or scattering the ashes wherever your loved one wished. With burial, the options are more limited. You have to purchase a plot in a cemetery, and that cemetery might have regulations you have to follow related to the casket. If you want the most flexibility, then selecting cremation is what you should do. Cremation also is easier to plan and put together than an elaborate funeral. For many people, this alone is an excellent reason to choose cremation services over a traditional burial.

All of these reasons make cremation, whether direct or bio, a choice to consider. Learn as much as you can about the process so that you know the benefits that you will get from it. Most cremation services in Toledo, OH will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have about the process. With the right crematorium or funeral home on your side, you can choose the best options for your loved one. Contact Habegger Funeral Services, located at 2001 Consaul St, Toledo, OH 43605. Call (419) 214-2622.

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