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Unusual Ideas for the Remains from Your Cremation Service

Just like there are a number of things you can do to honor the life of your loved ones in Oregon, there are a number of things you can do with the remains from the cremation service to allow their memory to live on. After the cremation service, you will be given something commonly referred to as ‘ashes,’ which aren’t much like traditional ashes at all. Instead, they are the body and bones of your loved one after an intense heating process that takes place in a crematory. What you choose to do with the remains from your cremation service are up to you, but we’ve found some interesting ideas that may inspire you.

Have Your Cremation Service Remains Turned into a Tattoo

Tattoos are very important works of art for some people. After all, they are one of the few things you carry with you for the rest of your life. For some, it makes sense to use their cremation service remains by turning it into a tattoo. The process happens by mixing the remains with a special kind of tattoo ink and using it for a design directly onto the body. Currently, this is only offered by some tattoo parlors.

Place Your Cremation Service Remains in a Bust

While the most traditional place for your cremation service remains is an urn, some companies have started to offer 3D bust that resembles your loved one. This way, not only do their remains stay with you, but you can always wake up and see their face.

Have Your Cremation Service Remains Turned into a Tree

One of the most beautiful dedications we’ve seen with cremation service remains is the act of having them combined and then turned into a tree. Special companies manufacture bio-urns that will grow your choice of tree using your loved ones remains. Not only is this a very sustainable way of carrying on your loved ones memory, but it also gives them a way to stay present. Some families are even choosing to use the bio-urns to create family orchards rather than choosing traditional family gravesites.

Have Your Cremation Service Remains Turned into Coral Reef

Another solution that’s both sustainable and creative is having your cremation service remains turned into coral reef. There are companies that use the remains as part of a special glue that help keep coral reefs from breaking apart. This glue then fuses and becomes part of the coral reef. This is ideal for someone who truly loved and felt connected to the ocean.

With so many options to choose from, what’s most important is considering the personality of your loved one and how they would most want to be honored. If you find that you’re having difficulty doing this, we invite you to come by Habegger Funeral Services today to speak with one of our funeral directors who can help you get started. When you are ready, call (419) 214-2622 to speak with a funeral director or come and meet us at 2001 Consaul St. Toledo, OH 43605.

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