March 01 2021 0Comment
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How to Make a Funeral Service More Creative

Many times, people are afraid to make a funeral service a bit different than the standard. Some think that it is not appropriate to change things or to tweak the service so that it is a bit different, but that is not something that you should worry about. Lots of people find that making unique […]

February 22 2021 0Comment
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Grief and the Holidays

Having a loved one die at any point of the year is harsh, but it can be especially so around the holidays. If this has happened and you are not sure about how to get through this time, then it can help to know a few things. Here are some tips that providers of cremation […]

February 15 2021 0Comment
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Is a Funeral Service Important?

There are many things that you will have to do when a loved one dies, and one of these things is to think about the memorial or funeral service you want to give your loved one. This is not something that is always a given. Many families struggle to decide if having a service is […]

February 08 2021 0Comment
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What Scattering Options are Available?

Disposing of the cremated remains of a loved one is a decision that you want to take with care. You want to honor your loved one’s wishes and their memory and having the right options can help. Scattering the cremated remains is something that you want to consider. It is an option that lots of […]

February 01 2021 0Comment
funeral homes in Grand Rapids, OH

Dos and Do Nots of Coping with Grief

If you have lost a loved one and are going through a mourning period, there are some things that you can do to help yourself. There are coping strategies that can really make a difference for people struggling with loss and it can help to know about them. Directors of funeral homes in Grand Rapids, […]

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