May 03 2021 0Comment
funeral homes in Grand Rapids, OH

Veteran Benefits to Remember

When you start planning the services that you want for a loved one, you want to consider if they were a veteran. If they did serve their country, you will want to know about the options that you have. There are many benefits that the VA can offer, so you want to be certain that […]

April 26 2021 0Comment
cremation services in Northwood, OH

Dos and Do Nots of an Out-of-Town Service

If you have lost a loved one and want to give them a funeral or memorial service out of town, you need to know how to best put this kind of service together. Planning a funeral or memorial service is never simple, but it can be even more complex when doing it somewhere else. To […]

April 19 2021 0Comment
funeral homes in Northwood, OH

Speaking with a Child About Death

Losing a loved one involves doing many things to put together arrangements, but it can also have some tasks that are even more difficult. If you have children, you need to also let them know about the death and you may not be sure how to do that. To help you through this kind of […]

April 12 2021 0Comment
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How to Decide on the Final Outfit

One of the funerary decisions that people do not tend to talk about is the choosing of the final outfit. You want your loved one to look their best for the service and then for burial or cremation, but how do you choose the right outfit? There are some things that experts want you to […]

April 05 2021 0Comment
funeral homes in Liberty Center, OH

Planning a Funeral for a Child

Losing a child is an overwhelming and harrowing experience and one that no parent ever wants to go through. If you have lost a child, you want to be able to grieve and to get closure, and this means planning a funeral service. If you are not certain where to begin with these arrangements, directors […]

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