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3 Reasons Why Preplanning Your Cremation is a Good Idea

3 Reasons Why Preplanning Your Cremation is a Good Idea

If you’re currently on the fence and don’t know whether to preplan your cremation or to leave that task to your loved ones after you die, you should mull over the benefits of doing it yourself. Yes, there are more pleasant things to think about than your own service, but that doesn’t mean that you should put off preplanning altogether.

What follows are 3 reasons why you should consider preplanning for cremation in Oregon, Ohio rather than leaving that task to others after you’ve passed away.

1. Get the Body Disposition You Want

While cremation is every bit as popular as traditional funeral these days, this doesn’t mean that everyone wants to be cremated. If you leave the planning for your body disposition up to your loved ones, they may gravitate towards a traditional funeral service and away from a cremation. That won’t necessarily be a problem if you have no particular preference. But if you want to be cremated for whatever reason, then you should ensure your wishes are respected by preplanning. It makes sense to make the appropriate arrangements so that all your family has to do after you die is follow through with the plans you made beforehand.

2. Spare Your Family

After a death in a family, family members will be beside themselves with grief as they seek to process the bad news. It can be an even heavier burden if, in the midst of so much suffering, they have to scramble down to a funeral home to make cremation arrangements. Yes, it’s a scenario that plays out regularly since not everyone preplans their own final services. But it’s a scenario you can spare your loved ones. When you align yourself with the right funeral home, you’ll find that preplanning isn’t nearly as difficult as it might appear. You’ll be presented with your options, get to ask questions, and basically get help through the entire process. By the end of the preplanning, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’ve done your loved ones a big favor.

3. Start a Conversation

When you preplan and inform your family about what you’ve done, it will present an opportunity to start a conversation about death. Too many families tiptoe around issues surrounding death – and this shouldn’t be the case since death is part of the circle of life. Use the opportunity to talk about the future, to let your loved ones know how you want to be remembered, and even to let your loved ones know about plans you’ve made to ensure they’re taken care of after you die.

When you’re ready to preplan a cremation in Oregon, OH, get in touch with us at Habegger Funeral Services. You can speak to our compassionate and professional staff by calling us at (419) 214-2622. We’ll be honored to assist you in preplanning your cremation. Would you prefer to speak to someone in person? Visit us at 2001 Consaul St, Toledo, OH 43605 for immediate assistance.

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