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How to Choose Between Cremation and Burial

If a loved one has recently passed on without leaving instructions on what they wanted in terms of what to do with their remains, it can fall on the family to make this decision. Burial and cremation are both excellent options, but one may be better for a particular person than another. Burial and cremation both have pros and cons, so if you are not sure which one your loved one would have chosen, take these things into consideration.

Consider Budget

Budget is something to definitely keep in mind. A traditional burial will cost substantially more than a cremation. This is because you will have to purchase a casket and get embalming done on top of the regular fees and service costs. For some people, it is not possible to afford the details, which is why they turn to cremation. Cremation costs a fraction of what a burial would, mainly because there is no embalming necessary and there is no need for a casket. If you cannot afford a burial, then this is the right decision to make.

Religious Preferences

If your loved one was very religious, ensuring that you know which option is the most accepted by that religion can help make the right decision. Most Toledo, OH funeral home options will offer to accommodate any kind of religion, so you can easily start planning whichever kind of service your loved one would have preferred.

Think of the Environment

Something else that could have an impact on what you choose for a loved one is whether or not the option is good for the environment. Usually, burials are the least eco-friendly option. This is because the embalming fluid can seep into the ground and because most caskets have metal parts that are not biodegradable. There are more eco-friendly burial options that do not use a regular casket, but rather biodegradable materials like wicker. Usually, cremation is the better choice if worrying about the environment. Regular cremation can release carbon into the air, however, so consider an option like bio-cremation, which is done with water.


Another thing that can make the decision easier is to know whether you want to have a drawn-out process, like a burial, or one that is faster, like a cremation. A cremation can take three to four hours, while a funeral and a burial can take much longer. Keep this in mind when making the decision.

By ensuring you know all about traditional burials as well as cremations, you can make the best decision for a loved one who has passed, or even for yourself. A great option is to speak with a funeral home director who will be able to answer all of your questions about each process. Take into consideration your budget and how long each process will take as well as the religious beliefs of the family. Get help by contacting Habegger Funeral Services at 2001 Consaul St, Toledo, OH 43605. Call (419) 214-2622.

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