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What You Should Know About Funeral Homes

When dealing with the loss of a loved one, quite a lot of movement needs to happen at once, from dealing with paperwork to finding the right funeral home in Toledo. If we are lucky, the majority of us have never had to deal with finding a funeral home in the past, which could make the process even harder if you don’t know where to begin. In addition to mourning the loss of your loved one, the whole process can quickly begin to feel overwhelming. At Habegger Funeral Services, we want to help you during this time as much as we can. We put together a short list of important things to keep in mind about funeral homes that may help get you started.

You Have More Time than You Think

When we lose a loved one, there suddenly seems like there is a rush to get everything planned and situated. For some, this is part of the grieving process. The sooner they find a funeral home and plan a service, the sooner they can move on with their life and start to heal. Unfortunately, studies have shown that going with the wrong funeral home or having a less than ideal funeral service can actually hurt the grieving process. That is why it’s so important to sit down and take time to do your homework. Look into the options and services provided by the funeral home before making any decisions.

It’s Important to Have All of Your Wishes Written Down

Even if your loved one was never able to write down their last wishes, it’s important to have your wishes written down in as much detail as possible so you can ensure you’ll receive the service you’re looking for when the time comes. In fact, this is so important that some states require a copied, notarized document of your wishes to be provided.

Know that Embalming is an Option

Some funeral homes like to push embalming on their customers as it means an extra cost to bill them on. In reality, embalming isn’t always necessary. In fact, more often than not, it isn’t required at all. By law, embalming is typically only needed when a body has been transported across state lines or when the person died from a specific disease. Look into your state’s laws before deciding whether or not this is the option for you.

The most important thing about a funeral home is that the professionals are there to listen and help you every step of the way. At Habegger Funeral Services you won’t find a bunch of funeral directors trying to push you into the highest priced items. Instead, our funeral directors will listen to all of your wants, needs, and concerns to create the perfect service to honor your loved one. For details, you can check Toledo, OH funeral home. To speak with a funeral director today or to ask some questions, give us a call at (419) 214-2622 or come see the funeral home for yourself at  2001 Consaul St. Toledo, OH 43605.

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